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When you feel like decision making is weighing you down

June 15, 2016

Not every decision is a primary one. There are tough decisions, if you are like me I start writing a list of pros and cons. Then there are the easy and simple ones, the ones that do not cost you a thing.

Each decision has an outcome attached to it. Some are inconsequential, some are material.

On decision making

Most of the time decision making is like walking into a haze where you can’t see past your five fingers. Where will your next step take you? Will you walk into an open space or hit a brick wall?

The past me would be so paralysed with fear that I would just stop walking and stay stuck in my spot. Because I feel safer staying in the familiar than stepping out into the unknown.

The new me has learned that sometimes you just need to first trust, then keep walking. Because there are only two things that could happen.

You could be turning into a dead end street with no where else to go. So pick yourself up and turn back, with the knowledge that you have tried and learned and are closer to making the right turn next.

Or you could be making your way onto a flourishing path where flowers bloomed larger than you have ever seen and the air is fresher than mountain breeze.

Two rules to decision making

There are only two rules: You don’t stop making decisions and you don’t take short cuts.

A little short cut here and a compromise there accumulates and one day you find yourself in a place that you never wanted to be in the first place. I had my eyes on the end goal, and I didn’t care how I got there, you say. Honesty and integrity is the guarantee to staying the distance.

Don’t freeze when making decisions. Putting off on making a decision or not making one is worse off than making a mistake. At least you can learn from your failures rather than be stuck in the same spot.

After making a decision

Its passed the point of no return, like the song from the closing scene of the Phantom of the Opera. From here on is no longer about making the right decision but to run with the best decision to make next, in that situation.

Keep making the most out of it.

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