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What type of worker are you?

April 28, 2016

There are two kinds of employees.

The first kind comes in to work for a pay check that will steadily sustain them until they retire. Their core interests are to protect their role in the company, even if its to the detriment of the business. They clock in and out at the same time each day. On repeat. Every single day.

Then there is the other kind of worker. The kind who is passionate about what they do. They start work before everyone else does, puts in extra effort to help their clients and customers; and stay late if that means that the world is a better place for it. To put it in short, they do beyond what it takes to advance the company’s interests and they are fully committed to the cause.

Large corporates are usually full of the first kind of employee. It is easy to hide behind the masses. Job security is high. It is more about valuing the employee than it is about performance.


What kind of staff worker will you be? Are you only willing to do the bare minimum to keep a job, or will you be the one that goes the extra mile to advance the cause?

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