What is your theme song for 2016?

January 4, 2016

“Welcome to New York!” belts Taylor. Behind her in a massive cascade of moving film is the Brooklyn Bridge with the Manhattan Skyline as its backdrop, filled with bursts of sunset orange.

That’s Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour theme song.

A theme song is played in the intro of movies to signify the beginning. It often sets the mood for a show; a romantic comedy has upbeat, happy chirpy beats and an action movie has sounds that make your heart beat faster. (Think the Mission Impossible theme song) A theme song is also the signature song associated with a performer, movie or program.

Looking back: What was your theme song for 2015?


2015 for me was an adventurous one. We started the year on the plane, arriving in Japan, jumped straight onto a Bullet train that took us from Tokyo to Kyoto where fresh snow was falling. It was a breathtaking sight.

Subsequently that year we moved in with our family to save money for further travel, hustled to save then in April headed off to San Francisco, New York, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Hong Kong for our much anticipated round the world trip.

Arriving back in New Zealand we had two weeks to pack up and on 1 May 2015, we moved to Melbourne permanently.

Life since then has been a series of little unexpected adventures, where we met friends who became family to us and secured employment that takes me on different trajectories every week.

Going forward: What is your theme song for 2016?


Do everything in moderation. Balance, that’s the secret. Moderate extremism.

The problem with adventures are that when you are flitting from one thing to another, it is hard to be rooted in one place and to invest into the same relationships. Relationships, employment, dreams – all these things are plants that need to be nourished daily for growth and success.

When going through constant change of pace, the mind and body is working hard to keep up with the change, leaving no space for creative work or growth time.

This year I have decided that my theme song is to stay rooted, disciplining myself into establishing good routines and invest in relationships, while maintaining my sense of adventure.

Theme songs can really help set the pace and drumbeat of your year. What will your theme song this year be?

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