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How to stop… and find beauty in your world

August 1, 2016

Being up in the sky amidst the cotton candy clouds and has become routine to me. I have been doing the same thing for the past ten weeks, on repeat. But it wasn’t until last week that I stopped.. and was amazed at what I saw.

A snapshot of the travel life

On Monday morning my alarm goes off at 4:30am. It take a couple of snoozes to get me up but when I do, I pack the rest of my essentials. My toothbrush, my prescription glasses and contact lenses, phone charger and all kinds of moisturisers. I hop into my mode of transport and in a daze half in and out of sleep I arrive at the airport. Nowadays I have some sort of special status with airlines that I get to skip the queues so zipping in and checking in doesn’t take long. I have my breakfast in the lounge, it is always OJ mixed with water paired with a toasted sammie, scrambled eggs on toast or cereal depending on what I feel like. By the time I have boarded the plane my tummy is satisfied, it doesn’t take much for me to fall asleep again.

The week passes fast when you are busy trying to achieve goals and make things happen at the client’s site.

Then Friday arrives and at 3:30pm. I rush from my last meeting to the airport, have a bowl of soup with a bread roll and butter (yum) and we’re once again off in the air. At this time of the day I am either: trying to relax on the plane by listening to music, thinking about all the things I have to do when I get off the plane, or playing a game on my iPhone to unwind.  For the last ten weeks I had been so caught up in myself that I did not get the chance to stop, change my perspective and appreciate. Appreciate the view. Appreciate that the act of flying is magical and a miracle. How could I have missed this consecutively for the last ten weeks?






Will you do this? Will you stop, pause and look around you? You will find beauty in the most unexpected places. Beauty that had always been there if only you had taken the time to stop… and look for it.

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  • Reply Lisa June 23, 2018 at 4:58 am

    This is such a glorious perspective on life and travel. Business travel can get so mundane but you can find meaning and beauty when you stop to appreciate it.

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