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Why a quarter life crisis could be the best thing that happens to you

June 10, 2015

This time last week, I turned 25.

People around me have mixed views on turning 25. To some approaching 25, it is terrifying and scary. To others who have passed the mark of 25, it was the best year in their lives. Some say 25 is the time to dream big dreams, 30 is the time to start working towards your dream. Others say I had imagined myself achieving a lot more by that age.

I did not have to go through quarter life crisis (If you want to know what a quarter life crisis is, read this – 25 signs you are having a quarter life crisis) because I went through one at the 23 – 24 age mark. This is how I knew I had a quarter life crisis:

  • I imagined myself doing the work that I was doing at the time for the rest of my life and wanted to bang my head on the wall
  • I started asking myself – “I’ve got a job, I’ve got a career, but what is my calling?”
  • I was so eager to make a difference in the world but my current place did not seem to be taking me anywhere
  • I seriously considered a 180 degree career change
  • What I considered my dream job back in university ended up getting complete revamp after receiving a reality check
  • I resented certain choices I made that had been dictated by family and society expectations
  • My best friend posted an article on my Facebook page after a rather honest conversation titled “Quarter Life Crisis: 25 disappointments that you deal with when you turn 25
  • I realised that change had to happen because the pain of staying the same was greater than the pain of change

Change happened. I moved countries. I quit my job following a huge emotional upheaval because the notion of quitting your job and ditching security is a very foreign concept in my culture.

Change was the best thing that happened to me.

Now I look forward to work. I love the people I work with. I love the type of work I do. I love that my work allows me to make a difference in the business world. I love that everyday I am helping businesses get better at what they do, give customers a better experience and employees better work satisfaction.

Change is possible. Change takes time and courage. Change always happens in a trickle; drip, drip, drip.

A quarter life crisis (or a mid-life crisis) could happen to you at 23 or 25 or 38 or 50. If and when it happens, embrace it. Be comforted in knowing that this crisis will not last long, and having survived it will make you a much bolder, stronger, better person.

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: Find a job then find your dream job

May 25, 2015

Sometime during your schooling life, you must have heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The needs pyramid says that there are five levels that humans go through, where the bottom layer has to be satisfied in order to move up to the next layer.

This is something I personally experienced recently.

Two months ago, I quit my job to move to another country. It was a big step for me as I had envisioned myself as being unemployed for months on end and living off tuna sandwiches in order to survive.

Less than two weeks after moving to Melbourne, I got myself a job.

When I did not have a job, my full focus was spent on getting one.

Now that I have satisfied what was previously lacking – my need for employment, I can focus on doing what I enjoy – writing on this blog.

The secret to doing your best work or being creative is not from quitting your job to free up spare time but from creating your best work in spite of the lack of time.

Wake up two hours earlier each morning.

Spend less time watching TV shows.

Say ‘No’ to some social events.

Book in time in your calendar each week for creative pursuits.

First get a job that pays for your rent and food, then focus on pursuing what you love to do. Otherwise you will find yourself compromising creativity for money, and then it will just become another job.

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5 signs You are Ready to Pursue your Dream

November 13, 2014

You have a dream.  This dream has been brewing in your heart.  You are finally ready to step out and make it a reality.  But are you really ready?  Here are 5 signs that you are ready to turn your dream into a reality.

You have a strong motive behind your dream.  That motive is not fame or wealth.

Perhaps you want your family to live a comfortable life, so you hustle at work all day.  Your motive is the security of your family.  Maybe you genuinely want to see the community changed for the better.  Or you just simply enjoy your craft and want to share it with others.  Is it self-driven or people-driven?  Fame and wealth are a byproduct of success, but should never be the driver of your dream.

You are ready for the public to see your work.

You have done the hard-yards and your research.  You know what is needed of you in order to succeed.  You are not waiting to go viral and be an overnight success.  You are not ashamed first and foremost, to show your friends and family your work, because you are genuine and honest in your intentions.  With that…

You have braced yourself for opposition.

A backhanded compliment.  An unintentional comment that stings.  You are ready for opposition if it comes, because you have erected a wall around your dream to deflect it and you have vowed to fiercely protect your dream.  Opposition [Read] comes when change happens.  Change ruffles other peoples feathers.  Change forces others out of their comfort zones.  And the real truth? No one likes being reminded of their unrealised dreams.

You are in it for the long haul.

You have the focus of a gold medalist champion.  You know that chasing your dream is not an easy road.  You know that you have to first learn to earn the trust of others and that this takes time.  You understand that any reader/ listener/ spectator of your work is a gift, not a given.

You are willing to take one small step today towards living your dream.

In the age of digital media, it is so easy these days to be an entrepreneur or pioneer something new.  Blogs and websites cost almost nothing to setup.  Websites like Kickstarter enable crowd funding internationally.  All it takes is your willingness to invest time and energy into it.  Once you start, the more you do it, the more you get to practice and the better you get at it.  Will you start today?

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How to find your calling

October 7, 2014

“I have not found my calling.”

“I envy those who have found their calling.”

If one of those two statements resonate with you, then this post is for you.  A calling in my opinion, is something that people would label you if they had to describe you.  Surely you have heard or said such words of praise.  He creates beautiful melodies when he plays the piano.  I love her style of photography, it is so natural yet captures the moment perfectly.  She has such a big heart to serve others as a nurse.

I find those who live a purpose driven life very attractive.  They are focused and not easily distracted.  They spend their free time working on their talent, honing it, never settling.  They are gifted in their area of calling and it comes naturally to them.  What they do cannot be done by the average masses.  When they are in the zone, the atmosphere just seems to come alive and you cannot help but leave being impacted and inspired.

Now you are excited, you want to find your calling also.  You are unsure how to do that, what next steps you should take.  Observing the lives of those around me who have found their calling, I noticed a common theme.  These are three things that will help you identify your calling.

  1. Passion

This is something you get excited over.  It is something you can see yourself doing over and over again without getting bored.  You would do this if failure did not exist.  This is your dream.  When you spend precious time doing it, there is fulfilment and happiness that overwhelms you.

  1. Skill

A passion without expertise does not produce results.  A singer cannot sing without being able to carry a note.  A writer cannot write without a good command of language.  You can generally measure the extent of your skill by the fruits it creates.  Have you won awards?  Has a stranger given you compliments?  Do you feel comfortable showing your work to the public?  Often, we know deep inside if we have the ability to take our passion to the next level.  There is saving grace if you have not acquired the confidence to do so.  Repeated practice can make you a master of your craft.  Find the time to practise, this should be your priority if it is your passion.

  1. Cause

Combining passion and skill produces a job, even a career.  Yet over time a job or career can easily fizzle out and lose its meaning or purpose, even if you are both good at it and love doing it.  This is when you should ask why you do what you do.  It is only when you know that what you do day in and day out adds value somewhere in this world that it makes a difference.  It is when we have learned to look beyond self, instead of wanting to earn the most money or just live a safe and comfortable life, when we are serving others by improving the lives of others, that it can be a calling.

Spend the next 15 minutes pondering these three questions:

What are you passionate about?

What are you good at that others cannot do?

How does what you do increase the lives of others?