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4 keys to confidence

June 8, 2016

The opposite of confidence comes in the form of nervousness building inside bubbling over like a stew simmering on the stove.

Heartbeat palpitating against your chest leaving you hiccuping for air.

That mind blank that is like a blanket that snuffs out the light leaving only darkness.

Something out there will try to rob you of your confidence

It could manifest in a joke that throws daggers at your insecurities like a bow hitting its target. Or when she walks pass you and says nothing to acknowledge your existence. Will you let the accidental unintentional rob your confidence?

You only lose confidence when you choose to throw it all away

The maybes, the perhaps, the I thinks, the I don’t knows. What you utter from your mouth reflects the very depths of your soul. Throw away those words that say you are unsure of yourself. But don’t throw away your confidence.

She stands in the crowd with quiet confidence, rising above the others. Some grow tired of doing good and toss at her a stone. It hits her arm and she shoos it away with her other hand, as if it was just a wheezing fly. Another group stand in the distance, snickering and gossiping at her, but she takes no notice, standing firm and secure in her source of confidence. She shines above the rest. It is the consistency of doing good and well and the flicking off of an negativity and cynicism that elevates her. She is beautiful beyond comparison because in her she does not let the darkness dwell.

Endurance cultivates confidence

He walks out on the podium with an immediate stage presence that demands your respect. He opens his mouth and speaks with authority, each word uttered with clarity. Not once does he have to refer to his notes, you sometimes wonder if he even had to prepare the night before. This is an authority that is cultivated through experience and endurance, through repetitive delivery of the same topic, each time refined, each time etched more deeply into his memory.

Giving up too early just makes you an amateur, a junior that is flaky and unreliable. But by honing your skill and your craft, you become a professional, a trusted somebody that people refer to and respect.

Remember what it was really all about

Remember the pure joy that burst and surged when you were first asked to do it? Remember the feeling of miraculous awe the first day you started? Remember why you chose the path that you are now on, the one that you now complain about? In moments of desperation, find time to revisit those moments. It was my dream, but now I complain? I asked to do this, but now I want to quit? Where is the reasonableness in this? But when we focus on the why and not the what, we often end up succeeding and triumphant.

Hebrews 10:35-36

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