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    Home tour: Our new home

    January 12, 2017

    Early this year, the One and I bought a new home. An 80 sqm pre-loved unit built in the 1970s meant that it was dated, but I instantly fell in love with the timber floors and airiness of the space.

    Upon purchasing the house we knew parts of it would require renovation and TLC. Little did we know that it would take 5 months to get it to a state to move in, and even then it wasn’t complete! It was sure a balancing act juggling full-time work, volunteering activities, morning sickness from pregnancy and this DIY project. Through this experience I saw firsthand the commitment and hard work hubby dedicates to everything he does.

    We also had help from friends – we could not have done it without them. Micah the Builder came over most nights to work on the house. Stav the Electrician helped us change all the lights and switches in his spare time. Hubby the One painted the whole house on his own, with some assistance from Ashford, Will and me.

    Photos of our home

    The biggest transformation took place in the bathroom, where we demolished a wall and redesigned the entire layout. It is now my favourite part of the house, because we handpicked every single thing in that room, from the tiles to the grout and bathroom fittings. It also boasts underfloor heating which is a luxury in the cold Melbourne winter months.

    I love our dining table

    Lovedreamdo - Living room ideas

    All our prints are either hand-drawn or from Etsy, this particular one is the Auckland city skyline which reminds us of home


    Shoe cupboard designed by hubby, a great way to keep shoes neat and tidy in a small area!

    Charcoal floor and carrara marble wall tiles with silver grout

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